Extreme Project Access

Extreme Project Access

Been There. Dug That.

Need to prove gas in the middle of the Kalahari?
Need to airlift gear to fix a blockage in the Panama Canal?
Need to prove heavy oil in a Surinamese tidal swamp?
Need to confirm oil content in the bottom of Fort McMurray lake?
Need to land 30 Herc  loads on a lake in the Arctic?
Need to put a diver at the bottom of a well?
Need to core 6” diameter on an Arctic lake in the summer?
Need  to anchor a pipeline up the side of a mountain?
Need to bolt down one of the Country’s largest dams?
Need to have someone hand carry your drilling rig?
Need to fly a gas rig?
Need to hammer drill high in the Andes?
Need to core for permafrost from the peaks of the Rockies?
Need to fly into a moving glacier and core through it?
Need 400 oil sand “winter only” wells cored in the summer?
Need to drill into the side of a pyramid in Egypt?
Need to drill 2,300 freeze wells in a swamp in Ontario?
Need to core for heavy oil in the Turkish Desert?
Need to airlift a fleet of rigs into a war zone?
Need to core hydrates in the Arctic ocean?
Need to hydraulically mine uranium at the bottom of a lake?
Need to fly a fleet of rigs into the Amazon to look for gold?
Need to skid train into a gas well in British Columbia?


Instrumentation Panama Canal

Suriname Oilsands Coring

Ice Island Bulk Sample