Asset Management

You’ve found the resource.  You know it’s there.  Now what?

At Kinley, we understand the risk of finding the resource and evaluating the economics and the exploitation of the reserves.  We understand you need to make money moving that resource to the market. Many projects get lost in the discovery and forget that the value is only real if all the numbers work.  We can help make the numbers work, proving the wells can be drilled and completed economically and proving that less can equal more.  We offer total Integrated Project Management (IPM) services for projects both big and small.

Botswana          Kalahari Desert Unconventional Gas Project
Madagascar       Oil Sands Exploration Program
Suriname          Swamp Buggy Heavy Oil Drilling
USA                  500 Well  CBM Development Program
USA                  Multiple Unconventional Gas Programs
Chile                 Arauco Basin CBM Program
Turkey              Heavy Oil Exploration Coring Program
Brazil                Amazon Gold Exploration Gold Program
Canada             Arctic Diamond Bulk Sampling System
Canada             Hydraulic Bore Hole Mining Programs
Canada             Ground Freeze Well System – 2300 Wells
Canada             3,000 Well Oil Sands Core Program
Canada             Horizontal SAGD Oil Sands Program
Canada             Oil sands Multiple Turnkey Exploration Programs
Panama            Canal Widening Program
Philippines         Large Scale Coring Company Setup

Coal Bed Methane Project Management
Multi-Rig Exploration and Development Management
Providing GeoScience Solutions
Unique Boots on Experience  for Asset Recovery

Torqueing in Casing

Kimberlite Bulk Sample in Canada

Freeze Wall Drilling in Canada

Eliportable Access