Jan Tomanek

Mr. Jan Tomanek brings over 40 years of experience in the petroleum industry to Kinley Exploration. He is a proven oil finder with a solid background in the geosciences as well as operations and reservoir geology, and petroleum engineering. He has experience in many international basins both onshore and offshore generating and evaluating prospects as well as working the details in reserve and resource evaluations. He has worked in the field as a core analyst, wireline logging engineer, wellsite geologist, in an office environment as a reservoir geologist and engineer, and as an exploration, development, and operations geoscientist and manager. Jan has reviewed and developed prospects in many of the worlds basins including recently the Namibia Walvis Basin, the Guyana Basin for Eco (Atlantic) and is currently involved in the recent activity in the Orange Basin area in South Africa. He has earned certification as a Certified Petroleum Geologist from the AAPG and a Certified Professional Geologist from the AIPG.