Oil Sands

Oil sands drilling and exploration programs, whether by track, wheel, barge or helicopter, are critical to project feasibility.  With a quarter century of experience in the oil sands, managing complete exploration programs from “dots on the map” to “core in the freezer” and “logs in the database”, Kinley has a long, respected history in oil sands exploration programs.  Multi-rig projects of up to 3,000 wells have required as many as 20 rigs and the management of everything from field geological assessment to large diameter coring.  Kinley has the oil sands exploration experience needed to effectively and economically manage oil sands projects in the most remote locations, whether in Canada, Brazil, Suriname, Turkey or Madagascar.

Kinley can reach the core of your project.

Suriname Oilsands Coring

Oilsands SAGD Drilling


Madagascar Oilsands Rig Package