Coalbed Methane Gas

At Kinley Exploration, we understand the key to any successful, unconventional gas play is (1) the economics of finding and evaluating the play. (2) the testing of the play and (3) bringing it to production. Beyond that, implementation of production controls, precise capital deployment and business savvy marketing come into play.

Project Feasibility and Basin Evaluation Field Operations
Managed Land Acquisition Energy Participation
Program Budgeting and Costing Company Start-Ups
Project Drilling, Coring, Logging and Testing Applied Drilling Technology
Resource Mapping Water Handling and Analysis
Pilot Project Construction Well Pumping Operations
Well Completion Analysis Gathering System Engineering and Construction
Gas Adsorption and Desorption Analysis Compression
Capital Deployment Marketing Agreements and End Use
Equipment Engineering Reserve Economics

Coalbed Methane

Montana Coalbed Methane


Coal Bed Methane Desorb Equipment