Coalbed Methane Operations

Coalbed Methane Operations

Mid-Continent – USA

Colin Kinley was the founding member of Layne Energy and the Executive team, that is now at Kinley, were responsible for the exploration, drilling and and development of a 500 well field and the associated infrastructure of pipelines and compression in Kansas. Kinley is well-respected internationally for their understanding of how to explore for and exploit unconventional CBM and Shale gas.

  • New resource geological exploration
  • Exploration drilling & wireline coring
  • Geological and engineering evaluation
  • Pilot engineering and testing
  • Field supervisory and training
  • Integrated project management
  • Extreme project access and logistics

Recent Projects

Suriname Swamp Rig Kimberlite Bulk Sampling CBM / Organic Shales Heavy Oil: CHOPS and Thermal Offshore Conventional Oil and Gas Offshore Conventional Oil and Gas Drilling Company Set-Up Wireline Company Set-Up Coalbed Methane Operations