Integrated Energy Project Management

Kinley provides solutions for integrated project management, company start-ups and operations execution in the frontier upstream energy sector.  The Kinley team is experienced and highly respected in their ability to take companies through the steps and phases from regional concepts to capitalization, public listing and execution of integrated exploration programs, interpretation of exploration resource quantification management and to develop drilling.

  • Hydraulic Borehole Mining Engineering
  • Frontier Resource Evaluation; Offshore and Onshore
  • Exploration Operations and Administration
  • 3D Planning, Management, Processing, Interpretation
  • Unconventional Oil and Gas Experienced
  • Exploration Drilling Planning and Oversight
  • Foreign License Applications and Technical Support
  • Private and Public Start-up and Execution
  • Financial and Treasury Planning and Oversight
  • Unconventional Project Resource Assessment
  • Discovery of World Class Resources
  • Extreme Access and Mobilization Solutions Internationally
  • Engineered Solutions for Extreme Exploration


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